24/7 Command Centre


An efficiently managed 24/7 Command Centre is the backbone to our operations and your safety. Our  to make decisions in real-time. Our Command Centre efficiently operates at all times with the 4 key focus:- Round the Clock Surveillance, Quick Response Teams, Patrol Management, Remote Security.

Our 24/7 Command Centre is located at: 21 Bukit Batok Crescent, #26-77 Wcega Tower, Singapore 658065 Hotline : +65 6273 8069


Round-the-Clock Surveillance

The Command Centre handles all surveillance necessary to protect your interests and will take the required actions to de-escalate or contain any situation or security breach. We are able to handle all surveillance efficiently be it on-site or remote surveillance.


Quick Response Team

Should there be a need for additional personnel to be deployed on site, Straits has a ready response team waiting in the wings that can be on-site within 15 minutes. The Command Centre will use their expertise to determine when, where and how the response team is to be deployed.


Patrol Management

The Command Centre also manages the rotation of Patrols and Security posts to ensure that your assets are always safe even during the changing of shifts. Constant contact is also maintained to ensure that the Command Centre is kept updated at all times.


Patrol Security

During times where our security staff are not on-site, the Command Centre re-doubles our off-site vigilance. Providing remote security involves more than simply the alerting of authorities and owner, but is about having the preparation and readiness to swiftly deal with the pressing concerns or issues in your estates.

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21 Bukit Batok Crescent, #26-77 WCEGA Tower,  Singapore 658065


21 Bukit Batok Crescent, #26-77 WCEGA Tower, Singapore 658065