Clocking Report  – Key Benefits:

  • Live image captures with real-time and time stamp; checkpoint inspection can be capture and recorded to date. Able to report defects with images.

Incident Report – Key Benefits:

  • Writing of report can be immediate, real-time based, image captured; Management can receive the report directly to their and can resolve immediately.

Attendance Taking – Key Benefits:

  • You will know who is on duty. No need to go down onsite to check whether the person is there or not. The data can be extracted into an excel file for payroll as a check and balance.


Whitelist/Members  – Key Benefits:

  • We can add the license plate of all the residents and tenants under the system in order for the barrier to auto open for them.

Booking – Key Benefits:

  • Now residents and tenants can pre-register their own visitors or contractors via the system. Visitor screening will not be faster with the use of this feature.

Records – Key Benefits:

  • Accurate and real time report of all cars the who are going in and out of the estate.


  • Increased the efficiency and productivity of the Security Officers.
  • Paperless and cost saving.
  • Web-based system so accessible to any devices that has internet connection.
  • Provides and generates a more accurate report.
  • Real time tracking and monitoring.
  • QR Code System – Officers can now attend to multiple visitors at the same time.
  • Security Officer skill enhancement with the use of modern technologies.
  • Residents and tenants can now pre-register their visitors and contractors.


·         Installed inside the Fire Command Centre (FCC) or guardhouse in order to monitor the movements of the Security officers deployed.

·         Able to communicate via the camera because of the Audio and Video function.

·         Accessible via mobile phone or any devices that has internet connection.

·         Quick response time since the officers are monitored.

·         Can run via a Wi-Fi network or mobile data.


  • Accountability and transparency of job tasks.
  • Provides assurance to clients.
  • Officer skill enhancement through the review of performance at incidents.
  • Deterrence for abusive language or act against Security Officers.
  • Serves as evidence whenever there is any irregularities or incidents occurred during work.
  • Ability to cover certain areas that are the blind spot of CCTV’s.


  • Faster response whenever there is any incident or emergencies
  • Work will be more productive and efficient since it will make the work easier and faster.
  • The image of the security at the estate will look better and more professional.
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